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Office of The Assistant Secretary

for Planning and Evaluation

Multi-site Family Study of Incarceration, Parenting and Partnering

Prepared for: Hyper Online Fleur Du Mal Woman Draped Silksatin Nightdress Antique Rose Size M Fleur du Mal Sale Shop For sfYjHGjUV
and Administration for Children and Families (ACF) , Thomas Sabo ear studs white H192605114 Thomas Sabo Discount Authentic The Cheapest Online From China Sale Online Discount Comfortable LmcHMjX

This project is available on the Internet at: http://aspe.hhs.gov/hsp/08/MFS-IP/ and https://aspe.hhs.gov/evaluation-marriage-and-family-strengthening-grants-incarcerated-and-reentering-fathers-and-their-partners

Funded by the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) and the Office of Family Assistance (OFA), the Multi-site Family Study of Incarceration, Parenting and Partnering (MSF-IP) explored the effectiveness of relationship and family-strengthening programming in correctional settings.

Implementation Study : Annual site visits entailing in-depth interviews and program observations were conducted with all 12 grantee programs through fall 2010. The implementation evaluation comprehensively documented program context, program design, target population and participants served, key challenges and strategies, and program sustainability.

Implementation Study

Impact Study : From December 2008 through August 2011, couples participating in MFS-IP programming and a set of similar couples not participating in programming were enrolled in the national impact study conducted in five of the grantee program sites. Study couples completed up to four longitudinal, in-person interviews that collected information about relationship quality, family stability, and reentry outcomes.

Impact Study

Qualitative Study : A small qualitative study was added in 2014, in which in-depth interviews were conducted with about 60 impact study couples to capture detailed information about the families’ experiences during the male partner’s reentry.

Qualitative Study

Predictive Analytic Models : Using the impact study sample of more than 1,482 couples (from the 1,991 men who did baseline interviews), a series of analyses were conducted to examine the trajectories of individual and family relationships and behaviors before, during, and after release from incarceration.

Predictive Analytic Models

Public Use Data Set: Containing information on 1482 couples and an additional 509 men from the baseline and follow-up surveys, a public use data set is available at the Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) data center at the University of Michigan .

Since there are no descriptive segments in the that use the “intrinsic perspective” form of static diagrammatic iconicity, any discussion of this descriptive technique in this context may seem unfounded. However, a brief analysis of the reasons for this lack of intrinsic perspective in static spatial descriptions may help us understand much more about the way space works in descriptive passages. Intrinsic perspective reflects the particular, innate of a given object. In this case, the designation of spatial features in the text “is marked either through the movement from proximity to distance or through a radial structure, which makes a center the starting point of the description.” [ Tote Bag Pink Lotus by VIDA VIDA The Cheapest Online How Much Cheap Online Sale Sast Fast Express Outlet Supply 2dzPjFg68
In an oral tradition such as that crystallized in our , there are at least two reasons why objects are not described from an intrinsic perspective.
First, this kind of description would have emphasized not an object is, but it is, since its innate would have rendered any reference to the particulars of the object at hand unnecessary: the audience would have known from the beginning that the narrator was referring to the “default” mode of a given object, whose visualization results from its standard form. Description would have been carried out, more or less, by means of instead of object, or visually patterned, imagery. [ Pictures For Sale Good Selling Sale Online Mens Cotton Pocket Square Petal Dancer by VIDA VIDA Clearance Fast Delivery Cheap Sale 100% Original Cheap Genuine UZKy7s
Iliadic epic, as shown above, employs diagrammatic iconicity to present to its audience an object is in terms of and its function is, not it is placed. True, attention is paid to the actual placement of an object, but this aspect is used more or less as a background for its description, or to highlight a specific feature that marks it as valuable. Placement does not stem from the object’s inherent , but is associated through antithetical pairs (near-far, foreground-background, top-bottom) with its function in a particular context.
Second, descriptions from an intrinsic perspective are notoriously lacking in multiple cues, since they are based on the object’s standard and widely known function, which stems from the highlighting of its inherent role. On the other hand, both dynamic and static diagrammatic iconicity, in adopting an extrinsic perspective, employ multiple spatial cues for recall: material, workmanship, size, color, value, a special feature; all these belong to a rather typical format that the storyteller uses to increase mnemonic stability and facilitate the retrieval of information. [ Mens Cotton Pocket Square TRIGGERED FREDDIE by VIDA VIDA Visa Payment 0mmKXTXBYP
Having realized which particular set or sets of constraints are operating at a given point in the performance, such as in descriptive passages, we can understand the reasons why the narrator excludes description from an intrinsic perspective. He therefore uses prized objects, of the sort presented above, according to the constraints of oral-traditional song-making.

Mixed types

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Tribal leaders, including Hopi Chairman Tim Nuvangyaoma, second from left, and Navajo Council Speaker LoRenzo Bates, right, said the Navajo Generating Station is vital to their economies. (Photo by Ariana Bustos/Cronkite News)

The Navajo Generating Station near Page burns locally mined coal to generate power for the Central Arizona Project, among other clients. Environmentalists have long criticized it for its pollution. ( Photo by Bill Morrow / small Lockett shoulder bag Pink amp; Purple Jimmy Choo London Free Shipping Wiki 2018 Discount Discount Price Countdown Package Sale Good Selling TzeN05dKP

Nicole Horseherder, a Navajo and member of a local environmental action group, said it is past time to retire the Navajo Generating Station, one of the dirtiest coal plants in the country. (Photo by Ariana Bustos/Cronkite News)

Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Prescott, chaired the meeting that looked for ways to keep the Navajo Generating Statino open. He said the government needs to keep all its energy-generating options, including coal. (Photo by Ariana Bustos/Cronkite News)

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Cronkite News

WASHINGTON – Witnesses and lawmakers called for action Thursday to head off the 2019 closure of the Navajo Generating Station, a move that could mean the loss of thousands of jobs at the plant and the coal mine that fuels it.

But while seven of the eight panelists who testified to a House Cheap Sale Wiki Clearance 2018 Tote Bag My beautiful bag by VIDA VIDA Sale With Credit Card zmhT0QL
subcommittee said the plant should be saved, no one had a specific proposal to do that.

The plant’s owners announced last year that they were ending the lease because the plant’s coal-generated power was no longer competitive with other sources of energy. One witness Thursday said that those trying to revive the plant are leading workers there and at the Kayenta Coal Mine “down a dead-end path with false hope that coal is the future.”

“Any discussions that hint at a future for NGS beyond 2019 are not based in any credible economic reality,” said Nicole Preowned Gaucho leather crossbody bag Dior Cool Sale Cheap Price Outlet Top Quality ZhWdVTL8I
a Navajo and member of the environmental group, To Nizhoni Ani. “They are an incredibly wasteful distraction to helping the Navajo build a better future.”

But Navajo Nation Council Speaker LoRenzo Être Cécile Woman Metallic Printed Cottonjersey Tshirt Black Size S être cécile In China For Sale Cheap Sale Wholesale Price xIdYNWg
that, despite suggestions that the shutdown of the powerplant and the mine is “inevitable,” the plant’s closure would be devastating for surrounding communities.

“NGS is an essential component of the Navajo Nation’s economy and our energy portfolio and must remain viable for the sake of the nation and our people,” he said.

The Navajo medium Piazza bag Grey Bottega Veneta Sale Latest Cheap Sale Shop For Discount Clearance Store Cheap Sale Low Shipping Fee 2018 Sale Online OsLG416M4
went online in 1974, providing power that drive the pumps of the Central Arizona Project, which supplies water to much of the state. But CAP, the largest consumer of power from NGS, announced last year that it would no longer do business with the plant, saying it could have saved $38.5 million in 2016 by buying electricity from the market rather than NGS.

Like all totalising visions, it’s at once powerful and — viewed sufficiently closely — ragged with illusions. Zoom in on individual experience, and something obscure from afar becomes obvious: in making our attentiveness a fungible asset, we’re not so much conjuring currency out of thin air as chronically undervaluing our time.

We watch a 30-second ad in exchange for a video; we solicit a friend’s endorsement; we freely pour sentence after sentence, hour after hour, into status updates and stock responses. None of this depletes our bank balances. Yet its cumulative cost, while hard to quantify, affects many of those things we hope to put at the heart of a happy life: rich relationships, rewarding leisure, meaningful work, peace of mind.

What kind of attention do we deserve from those around us, or owe to them in return? What kind of attention do we ourselves deserve, or need, if we are to be ‘us’ in the fullest possible sense? These aren’t questions that even the most finely tuned popularity contest can resolve. Yet, if contentment and a sense of control are partial measures of success, many of us are selling ourselves far too cheap.

Are you still paying attention? I can look for signs, but in the end I can’t control what you think or do. And this must be the beginning of any sensible discussion. No matter who or what tells you otherwise, you have the perfect right to ignore me — and to decide for yourself what waits in each waking moment.

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Tom Chatfield

is a writer and commentator on digital culture. His latest book is (2015) . He lives in Kent, UK.

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